* Tip the Doodler - Mike

* Tip the Doodler - Mike

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Thank you so much for your support and generosity, it doesn't go unnoticed and it means the world. Doing
this full-time, even the smallest bit helps with the costs that come along with running this business - including replenishing supplies, packaging, elevated fees and website costs and being able to Invest in new stock for future lives 

mike gives his free time around his full time work to help me run starcrystalgems, meaning we both work 7 days a week - we appreciate him being a massive part of the lives and actually controlling all the claims in the live sales and actually claims being in your boxes ! Let alone his care and love for his doodle art work up For grabs on Saturday live sales ! Have u joined the doodle Club yet?

Tips are extended for buying postick supplies too or a much needed coffee to fuel the doodling inspiration and help around his job! 

Unfortunately we tried to use a third party company to tip mike for his doodles but this company refused and withheld his payout for 12 weeks (secret nightmare) 

ALL tips received go to Mike!  

To select your desired tip, choose from the drop-down menu - 

Please note there is also the option to add a tip on your checkout if you prefer,  (as well as this option to add to your basket )

Thank you in advance ❤️