Crystals Properties

Agate said to strengthen the body and improves the digestive system and stomach. can help with emotional acceptance.

Alexandrite may help with low self-esteem; central nervous system disorders; spleen & pancreas issues.

Amber enhances desires and develops the energy of love. Great for Pain, the brain anxiety and teething in babies.

Amethyst calms and soothes the mind for tranquillity and addictions and improves the hormone system. Great for Headaches,Sleep and Inner Peace.

Ametrine heals the mind and cleanses the body.

Amazonite supposed to build faith courage aand self self worth and heals the nervous system. Transforms negative thoughts into positive ones great for a worrier or fears.

Andalusite willing to make money with your goals?

Angelite great for spiritual angelic connections. Calming, helps heal arthritis and enhances bone density.

Apatite can boost Metabolism and Confidence.

Apophyllite very calming, helps relax and aids in respiratory diseases.

Aquamarine Can help with fears keepings the heartbeat steady and calm and keeps the body safe, From the Beryl family, said to strengthens the kidneys and thyroid glands. 

Arfvedsonite used by healers to heal from different mental and spiritual concerns.

Azurite great for arthritis and joints, helps one let go of old belief systems and may help dissolve fear. 

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) all purpose healer and cleanser; good for stomach & bowel pain; purifies bloodstream and circulation. 

Blue Calcite calming for stress relief on mind and body, a soother.

Blue Lace Agate helps arthritic conditions and the nervous system; bring clarity calmness and confidence to voice the truth.

Calcite said to strengthen bones and the immune system and aids stress.

Caribbean Calcite grounding, inspiring, calming, relax whilst protected - inner strength and great for tension n anxiousness. 

Clear Quartz Your Master - stimulates the immune system and boosts concentration, assists in achieving goals to make good money.

Carnelian helps strengthen the metabolism and helps with digestive system.  Great for passion, courage, protection and fertility. Very stabilising, grounding & motivational. 

Celestite said to lower eye disorders and hardens bones. Very calming and Angelic! Great for sleep – babies room.

Chrysocolla great for female disorders such as PMS and period pains - can be an emotional balancer & comforter; alleviating fears or nervous tension; facilitates clairvoyance and may help with arthritis too.

Citrine builds abundance wealth and joy ! Can balance hormones and reduces infection. Building confidence creativity and willpower. Great for solar plexus and kidney healing.

Clear Quartz  Master Healer and Amplifier  - brilliant for clairty and balance.

Crazy Lace Agate happiness, confidence and stability the laughter stone flow of optimism and positivity.

Desert Rose aids dental health and flexibility.

Dumortierite aids stress and purifies the blood.

Emerald Also in the family of Beryl, can enhance the emotional strength of a body and stone attracts new opportunities.

Epidote  naturally aids mental stress.

Fire Agate enhances eye health and strengthens the digestive system.

Flower Agate  passion growth nurture and inner peace - protects from fears and self doubts. 

Fluorite  your study buddy, the concentration friend for learning -  Strengthens dna repair bones hair teeth and can protect from flu, great for sinuses. Keeps the mind clear, focused, relaxed.

Garnet the “lucky stone for love,” Garnet creates passion and balance energy. Good for any sexual disorders.

Green Aventurine Controls blood pressure, aids insomnia, and nausea can help towards making money through luck, like games.

Green Jade helps immune system and heart health. Green Jade helps make money without stress.

Hematite said to improve blood circulatory system for cleansing and purifier and aids towards stress. Keeping the mind balanced and free when lots of thoughts occur. Very Grounding.

Hemimorphite empathy, transformation and communication - positivity to move past difficult life events.

Herkimer Diamond helps allieviate stress; develops ability to "give".

Howlite calming, soothing, great for anger irritability, as well as Insomnia.

Hypersthene used for its ability to maximize clairvoyance.

Ilvaite works to bring forth confidence and improves stability.

Indigo Gabbro connects one’s body with its higher self.

Iolite wisdom, planting you firming in body, great for endurance long life judgment, can help with for eyes and nerves, known as the viking or compass.

Jade can help with Kidney and thyroid issues and can strengthens body and for good luck too.

Jasper Polychrome improves digestive, sexual and circulatory systems. Protection balance and grounding.

Jet great for grounding and migraine; teeth; stomach pain; fevers; hair loss; and may help with alignment of lower spine.

Kyanite calms the mind and heart.

Kunzite passion, love, nurture, inner peace releases Worry fear anger. Soothes mind and heart. Will instill kindness and self esteem! 

Labradorite your friend in Change, lowers blood pressure and balances the hormones and brain.

Lapis Lazuli protects the harmony of relationships, helps create an energy flow that creates soothing sensations. Harmony and Inner Truth – Honesty stone – self awareness and expression working with throat chakra, good for teachers or speakers and sore throats, migraines and any neuralgia issues.

Lava Stone Throws away negative energies and channels in positive energies.

Lemurian Heals the body by opening energy channels.

Lepidolite a magical natural anti-depressant. Great for joy and happiness. Can help with OCD, ADD & Bipolar.

Malachite builds the courage and strength to overcome obstacles. Great for Pain, Travel Protection and Labour.

Managano Calcite loving nurturing, be gentle with ourselves. Great for nightmare feeling the heart with self love and for others. 

Moonstone helps keep calm and improves digestive and reproductive system, . Good for grief too. Soothes & balances the emotions; encourages inner growth & strength; aids peace & harmony  - eliminates the building of anxieties & strengthing psychic abilities; alligns vertebrae;  feminine aid.

Morganite helps keep the mind and heart calm. Very gentle and great for muscle tissue help.

Moss Agate brilliant for abusing in business growth and friendships.  Being at one with nature and nurture - balance . Helps skin and digestive disorders.

Nuummite said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental problems.  and to decrease negative energies.

Obsidian promotes emotional health and enhances the digestive system. - called “Warrior of Truth,”  cleanses from negative auras, protective and grounding.

Ocean Jasper  help In times or changes, patience and motivational. Go with the flow stone! 

Onyx  eases anxiety and other mental health concerns. helps with negative thinking - stress & neurological disorders; also used for heart, kidney, nerve, hair, eye and nail strengthener.

Opal enhances and balances desire, passion, and love.

Orange Calcite joy, Inner child and great for fertility

Pearl eliminates emotional imbalances; helps one heart chakra; aids stomach, spleen, intestinal tract & ulcer problems.

Pegmatite AKA Unicorn 🦄 peace love protection and focus 

Peridot  protects against nervousness; helps alliviate spiritual fear; aids in healing hurt feelings & bruised egos - and helps control anger. Gives a positive emotional outlook; helps liver, digestion & adrenal function.

Petalite the stone of angels, helping think clearly, great for knowingness. Calming, Focus, Compassion and Peaceful. Great for depression, eyes, skeletal, Aids and Cancer.

Petrified Wood great for new adventures and careers. Strengthens muscle tissue and aids arthritis. Great for impatience.

Picture Jasper can be useful for skin, kidneys. neurological problems; improving the immune system; may also help with past life recall;
      overactivity in dream state & hallucinations too.

Pink Opal gentle, Soft loving energy – great for healing the heart. Love peace hope – great for worry fear anxious – great for sleep and children.

Phosphosderite balance stability, great for meditation and spiritual growth.

Pyrite build confidence and move ahead, finding new opportunities in abundance. Enhances functions of the brain and digestive system. Great for Asthma and grounding.

Red Aventurine heals nerves and improves blood circulation. 

Red Jasper improves digestive system and sexual organs. Liver and Stomach.

Red Phantom Quartz  heals the body through different energy channels.

Rhodochrosite  enhances emotional healing and compassion among the souls. unconditional love & forgiveness.

Rhodonite strengthens the heart and improves fertility issues., Aids to control negative thought waves leading to an anxious mind.

Rhyolite Balances emotions; self worth; enhances capacity to love; alligns emotional & spiritual bodies; stimulates clarity of self expression.

Rose Quartz ‘the stone of love’ brings positivity loving energy to enhances compassion, sensuality, and tenderness. Helping respiratory or lung issues and strengthens the heart chakra and heart itsself - love & self-acceptance healer
      for emotional wounds; dissipates anger & tension..

Ruby improves sexual and mental health, maximizes money generating opportunities, but with balance.  Heart chakra; balances love & all spiritual endeavors; self-esteem; strengthens neuro tissues around the
      heart; and may help prevents miscarriages.

Sapphire enhances mental and physical health, including eyes and blood. Inner peace and wisdom - may help with arthritis and pain.

Sardonyx - Mental self control; depression; anxiety & especially
      for grief.

Selenite enhances thinking power and nerve system. Calming, Clearing.

Septarian improves mental health.

Shungite heals the body by omitting negative energies.

Shiva Lingam enhances fertility health and helps during menstrual cramps.

Smithsonite  eases fear of interpersonal relationships; merges
      astral & emotional bodies; balances perspective.

Smokey Quartz reduces anxiety and other mental health concerns, Great for natural anti depressant or feeling low. Grounding and Confidence. Builds courage to face the obstacles.

Sodalite enhances self trust, self esteem and self acceptance -  brings order and calmess to mind. boosts metabolism, immunity, and reduces inflammation. Works with the Throat for truth and helps with panic attacks.

Spirit Quartz can improve emotional strength great for grief.

Sunstone warm, Luck, Joy and good fortune – good nature and enjoyment of life – chase away shadows

Turquoise enhances the skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems.

Turquoise Howlite can help with anger and sadness and control anxiety.

Tibetan Quartz heals the brain and repairs body effected with negative energy.

Tiger Eye strong, courageous and protective – fantastic to support the muscle beside spine – for back ache. Brings energies required to focus and prepare. Helps keep the mind and heart warm, Improves reproductive and digestive systems.

Tourmaline Black acts as a pain relief and strengths immune system, Controls anxieties and eliminates negative energies.

Zebra Agate Helps with skin allergies, strengthens muscle tissue.