Can we Visit Star Crystal Gems Head Quarter and Shop?

Yes but only by booking a pre arranged appointment before you visit (You can book via Insta DM, email or via our website chat function) 

Please note because we retail online and our website our stock in constantly rotating and being selected for our live sales on instagram because of this we can't allow visitor in our packing and live room currently! However we are more then happy to arrange a convient appointment time for us both for you to see a pre-requested selection of crystals to browse and select from. Please do not turn up without an arranged appointment as you will not be able to be seen.

You are also more then welcome to collect any online click and collect orders in person from our HQs too once arranging an appointment time that is good for yourself and me.

Do you ethically source?

We aim to be as ethical and sustainable as possible and do the absolute best I can to ensure the crystals and stock I am sourcing are obtained in the most conscientious manner possible.
The crystal and mineral industry is currently unregulated and we work hard to trust our suppliers and miners to ensure that health & safety measures are in place, that there is no child labour, all workers are paid fair and that no irreparable damage is made to the environment.
We will always do our best to remain as informed and up-to-date as possible.
We do not claim to be 100% ethical, simply due to the fact that we are not the ones visiting the mines themselves.
What Packing do you use? 
I am committed to using sustainable packaging where ever possible, we try hard that the majority of our packaging is now recyclable and eco friendly . Any plastic packaging that we do use, (like bubble wrap) is reused from our suppliers and never purchased in. 

How does Click and Collect/Curb Side Pickup in Norwich Work?

You can now order online and not pay any postage rates to collect direct from Star Crystal Gems. You must include an email on checkout to be able to recieve directions on how to collect - once we have picked and packed your order a confirmation email will be sent with address .You may then use our email or chat function on the website to arrange a convient time for us both to grab your goodies! 

Do you Hold Open Boxes on Meta or Instagram?

No unfortunatley not - we do not hold any live sale boxes week on week. This causes alot of extra work between live sales to hold specfic postage dates for indivduals. All boxes are prepped and prepared, ready to pack within 12-24 hours of payments bein received - I try hard to post within 5 working day if not before  - I work to an extremely very tight schedule post live to start getting ready for the next live !